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Let's Make

This Simple

1. Talk to Me

The process starts with a simple email, phone call or DM. This is a great way to get to know me and the overall process. Get the conversation started!

2. Let's Get Specific

No matter the scale or type of project, I will need you to fill out a brief so that I can gain a little more information. I may have you fill out a form, or answer a few simple questions. We also will hash out the specifics regarding deliverables, timeline, and budget.
This will ensure the project is moving forward on the right track.

3. Design Time

This is where the creativity happens. The goal is to translate your brief into functioning concepts and graphics that deliberately fit your requirements.
This is the heart and soul of Frey Creative, designing and creating unique elements for clients, like you.

4. Review and Revise

At this stage, I will deliver a proposal, consisting of concepts or other design elements all combined into a personalized presentation. After reviewing the proposal, you will provide me with feedback to ensure you're getting exactly what you need. The number of revision rounds are decided in stage "2" when you fill out the creative brief.

5. Mission Complete

When all parties are happy with the outcome, I will personally prepare all assets and deliverables in a neat package that suits you best. Mission complete!

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